Starwood Capital Group

Acme 50 glass walls with black mullions and minimal 1½” profiles helped create an industrial look with a lightweight feel while adding warmth to an all-glass interior space. 350 LF of Acme 50 walls were used to create 23 offices.

Starwood Capital’s new offices in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District encompass a full floor to accommodate their team. Overlooking the Hudson River the 14,500 sq. ft. space was designed to maximize views of the river and surrounding area.

The design was a result of close collaboration between the design firm Design Republic and the Starwood Capital team. Space division was created with mostly Architectural glass walls to allow natural daylight to permeate the space and create unobstructed views.

Starwood wanted the glass walls to be beautiful but also have acoustic properties that are higher than standard demountable walls to improve sound absorption. Inscape’s Acme 50 seamless glass walls provided the minimalist aesthetic desired for the space. Acoustic glass, additional insulation in the framing, and enhanced gaskets provided the improved acoustics to meet Starwood’s requirements.