Inscape System

The powerful performance of our System lets you create workspace applications for any work style. Our dexterous System allows you to support diverse work styles with a consistent design language across the office. Inscape’s set of universal components allow for limitless applications.

How to Buy
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Ready for Tomorrow

Inscape System makes it easier to go from high privacy to low panels and back again. With speed, ease and little downtime, frames can be built up or trimmed down on site – with no impact on the integrity of the system or its warranty.

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Fostering Agility

Our revolutionary one-frame approach enables thick (3.5”) and thin (2.75”) panels to be built on the same frame. This eliminates redundancy as styles and needs evolve allowing for faster installations and minimal downtime.

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Storage Based Planning

Planna is a unique product line that offers an innovative approach to office design. Planna can integrate with existing systems products to refresh a floor plan or provide a planning platform for an entirely new workspace solution.

Inscape System

Technical Specs
  • Frame Thickness

    2 ¾” Frame & 3 1/2” Frame

  • Cable Managers

    True Lay-in Cabling

  • Universal Connector

    Integrates with Inscape Bench

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