Inscape Bench

The Inscape Bench is a customizable, scalable desking system that addresses the diverse work needs of today’s office. It encourages collaboration in the workplace while supporting users that require visual and acoustic privacy. This flexibility allows for personalized workspaces that keep workers happy and productive.

How to Buy
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Ready for Personalization

Make your bench as complex as you’d like. The Inscape Bench is scalable and has many options for customization, including privacy glass, planters, fabric screens, electrified storage and more.

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Flexible Privacy

Increase focus with Inscape Bench’s optional privacy screens. They are easily moved by the user whenever and wherever they wish to block visual distractions and signal the desire for privacy.

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Stand for Wellness

Whether you need a standalone desk, workstation cluster, bench, or private office, we have a height adjustable solution for you.

  • 2 stage electric
  • 3 stage electric

Inscape Bench

Bench Accessory Stack

Technical Specs
  • Foundations

    Open “H” Leg, Full End Gable, Storage

  • Power Access

    Stack on Spine, Power Module and Below Desk

  • Universal Connector

    Integrates with Inscape System

  • Height Adjustability


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