Reform® Movable Walls offer the perfect solution to any workspace. The system is versatile enough to customize with a variety of finishes and options.

Designed for change, Reform® incorporates data and power cables both horizontally and vertically – whether installed during manufacturing or in the field. When it comes time to reconfigure the office, Reform® Walls are virtually 100% reusable. With the ability to make changes on any scale, this flexible, future-ready design enables you to evolve for tomorrow.

How to Buy
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Simple & Elegant

Reform® Movable Walls offer the perfect solution for any workspace. The system combines the structural permanence of constructed walls with the versatility and cost savings of a panel system.

Movable Walls offer the flexibility to work in any environment along with furniture and technology integration with a variety of finishes. Full-Height and freestanding options make Movable Walls an elegant and practical choice.

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Flexible Design

Reform® Movable Walls are designed for change. Make changes on any scale, from moving an outlet to replacing a single panel or an entire room. 

The beauty of Reform® Movable Walls is its elegant design. Quick and easy installation will shorten your construction schedule and avoid downtime and disruption. Two people can assemble a typical 10’ by 12’ Movable Wall office in one day. The same office in drywall takes three or four days to install. 

This flexible, future-ready design enables you to evolve for tomorrow.

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Versatile Applications

With a range of materials and components available, Reform® Movable Walls are fully customizable. 

A choice of glass and solid panel options, door styles, trim finishes, and wall components are available and can be combined to suit virtually any design need.

Technical Specs
  • Tempered or Laminate Glass (1/4", 3/8", 1/2")

    Various solid panel options available.

  • Acoustics

    40 to 49 STC

  • Base Heights

    Zero Base lays flat on the ground; Mid-Base (4" x 2.5"); High-Base (6" x 2.5")

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