Create a space within a space, where you need it. Anodized aluminum posts and beams with acoustical and glazed walls let you create collaboration zones or fully enclosed private offices. Add or change components on site, with none of the conventional construction mess, disruption or delays.

How to Buy
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Get Connected

Interval accommodates data, power, lighting, HVAC and sprinklers. Discreetly routed, these elements can be easily integrated, moved and serviced.

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Design for Sustainability

Level 3 certified, Interval is all aluminum framed, so the recycled content is very high, which helps with LEED credits. Most interval installations will have over 60% recycled content.

Interval Veil
Empower Technology

Interval’s construction features a flexible grid of beams, open on the top, to provide a simple route for cables and wiring. 

Technical Specs
  • Fully powered

    Move power through open wide spaces through intervals posts and beams

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