Italian designed and simply beautiful.

Elegant and light in scale, Aria is a seamless glass wall that distinctively defines your space. Flexible and simple in nature Aria creates spaces from collaborative areas, private offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, training spaces and beyond, Aria brings your vision to life.

How to Buy
Aria Wall
Minimal and Beautiful

Aria is characterized with having a low profile with 2 14″ rectangular section, allowing maximum daylight exposure into your space.


A storefront solution with flexibility. Aria boasts 1″ vertical height adjustability and glass options varying between 38″ and 12″ thick.

Aria Walls Hinged Doors 02
The Pronto Program

The Aria Pronto program reduces the risks associated with pre-ordered products by enabling our installers to erect aluminum frames based on actual field conditions. 

Technical Specs
  • Dry Glazing

    Install your walls faster by up to 20% compared to wet glazing with 100% consistent results

  • Flexibility

    1" vertical height adjustability

  • STC

    Acoustical privacy between 31 - 36 STC depending on chosen glass thickness

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