Acme 50

A clean, seamless glass wall, Acme 50’s slim profile and steel construction allow for solid architecture with a minimal aesthetic while maximizing daylight. Unlimited color options for frames lets you customize the best solution for your space.

Acme 50 is only available for US projects at this time. For information on using Acme 50 for Canadian projects, please contact your local rep.

How to Buy
Acme 50 05
Design for Sustainability

Acme 50 is level 3 certified and also Living Building Challenge compliant (Red List approved) for spaces with rigorous environmental standards. These specifications apply towards your LEED credits.

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Acoustically Sound

Build the wall you need to address acoustics, visibility, and aesthetic requirements. Help employees better manage their attention for focused work with Acme 50’s many acoustic options, including an STC tested rating of up to 40 with single glazing.

Acme 50 07 Detail
Boundless Choice

Looking for a specific detail? Acme 50 offers a broad range of hardware and door options to meet your design vision. It blends harmoniously with the surrounding architecture and easily integrates with millwork walls.

Technical Specs
  • Paint Finishes

    Limitless choice of color options

  • Acoustics

    Up to 40 STC

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