Height Adjustable Tables

Promote healthy workspaces by getting workers moving with height adjustable tables. Intuitively designed, our height adjustable tables get you from sitting to standing with a natural lift of the controller paddle. Our tables range from rectilinear shapes to angles ranging from 120° to 90° with an abundance of sizes and colors available to fit your space.

How to Buy
Bluetooth Height Adjustable Feature
Bluetooth Compatibility

Control the height adjustability of your table straight from your smartphone.
Personalize the intervals of how much you want to stand.
Receive statistics about your habits and set reminders to start getting healthy!

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Get Moving

Set your preferred sit and standing heights and have your table conform to your needs quickly and intuitively

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Essential to modern workspaces

Standing height tables are prized by office workers everywhere. Our tables can be used as an office desk or standup meeting spaces. 

Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

Technical Specs
  • Base Options

    2 Stage and 3 Stage Advanced, 2 Stage Basic, or Pneumatic base options available

  • Height Range

    3 Stage - Min: 22.5" Max: 48" 2 Stage - Min: 28.5" Max: 48"

  • Multiple Colors

    White Velvet, Steel Wool, Kettle Black, Gray

  • Weight capacity

    200lbs, 220lbs

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