Nuform Shapes

Nuform Shapes offer a refreshing take on traditional storage. They can be used in a boardroom, private office or even a co-working space, wherever storage is needed.

With office spaces looking to provide storage for both professional & personal items, Nuform shapes offer storage solutions with both style and function.

Available in three organic shapes, they add an unexpected design element to complement any interior.

How to Buy
Inscape_Storage_Nuform Shapes_River_003
Seamless Edge

Seamless edge provides a clean aesthetic eliminating the need for an edge banding where bacteria, fungus, and mold can penetrate and flourish.

Inscape_Storage_Nuform Shapes_Arrow_001
Biophilic Design

Available in three beautiful biomorphic shapes. Clean lines and subtle curves allow the structure to effortlessly blend into its environment.

Inscape_Storage_Nuform Shapes_River_Private Office
Endless Customization

Nuform comes in a broad range of designs including realistic woodgrains, beautiful stones, classic solids and a range of stunning metallic.

Technical Specs
  • Inset Handle

    Comfortable and ergonomic choice

  • Height

    21”H, 24”H, 36”H

  • Width

    30”W, 36”W, 42”W

  • Depth


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