Laterals, Verticals and Pedestals

Storage is our speciality. You need more than just a place to hold your files. The office landscape is changing – you need creative solutions that free up space and keep you organized. If your needs are changing, then it’s time your storage change with you. Office Specialty makes it easier than ever to design uncluttered, beautiful workspaces.

How to Buy
Built to Last

The most environmental choice is the one you only have to make once. Manufactured in our Canadian factory, high-grade steel and quality craftsmanship go into every storage unit.

Inscape Storage Laterals Verticals Pedistals Freestanding Family
1.5 Inches at a Time

Maximize your real estate with case heights and options that fit. We offer our cases in 1.5” height increments so you get the exact amount of storage you need without any wasted space.

Inscape Storage Laterals Verticals Pedistals Ombre Drawer Detail
Unique to You

Customize every element to make your storage fit your style. Build your case to your needs, then choose your colors, fronts, hardware and interior elements to make it your own.

Inscape Laterals, Verticals and Pedestals

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