Harp is a contemporary, innovative space divider designed for emerging workplace trends to create various ‘neighborhood’ zones with multiple accessory options for personalization and collaboration. Harp has evolved specifically with the fluid workplace evolution in mind. Available to configure as an individual workspace or a multi-zone format, Harp can be designed in an infinite number of ways to create a multitude of settings and space division solutions.

How to Buy
Harp DD
Distinctly Designed

Using unorthodox bungee cords to construct walls’, Harp acts as a space divider and an enclave without obstructing visibility or creating a permanent wall structure. The bungee cords make a bold design statement, providing a unique contrast between the strong industrial finish of the steel frames and the more subtle touches of detail given by the accessories.

Harp AI
Accessory Integration

Harp can be accessorized with shelves, whiteboards, and media units. Available with planter modules that support biophilic integration and accessory options for added personalization and functionality. Storage options and more are coming soon.

Harp MC

With Harp, teams can easily collaborate in shared breakout spaces, focus in private work areas, hold in-person and virtual meetings, relax in a quiet zone, and much more. Multi-configurations allow for Division, Socialization, Lounge Areas, Focused Work, Meeting and Huddle Areas.


Technical Specs
  • Applications

    - shared breakout spaces, private work, relaxation zones

  • Frames

    - single and double corner

  • Accessories

    - shelves, planters, media unit, whiteboard

  • Finishes

    - MDF, bungee cords

  • BIFMA Compliant
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