NeoCon Virtual Showroom

Couldn’t join us at NeoCon? Want another look at our stunning NeoCon Showroom? Join us on a virtual tour and relive NeoCon 2019.

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Biomorphic shapes and organic textures with an ergonomic seamless edge, it is Nuform.

We help you develop spaces and furnishings dominated by curved contours that help promote creativity and wellbeing.

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The world of work is changing, so we developed a bench system designed to adapt with you. This means it’s just as well suited for collaboration as it is to focus work. So you can do more with less.

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Adaptability Powered By Simplicity

Meeting customer needs before they know them. Always authentic, always approachable. We engineer all of our solutions from the outset to be easy to change when the time comes. We make it simple. We make it smart. We make you wonder why you didn’t choose us sooner.

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With You For Day Two

We know that business conditions or your office needs won’t stay the same on “Day 2” or “Day 2000”. No one can plan for everything, but you can choose furniture systems and walls that can adapt to anything.

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A Library Built For Designers

Everything you need to get started is here. Here you can explore our latest additions to our resource library and get the most up-to-date information on how Inscape can work for you.

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